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Privacy Policy

This document outlines the privacy policy for subscribers interested in the release of KeepSpace SaaS. KeepSpace SaaS reserves the right to change or update the Privacy Policy for new subscribers or to offer promotional pricing to any subscribers at any time.

Gather only what is Reasonable

At the current time (August 2023), KeepSpace SaaS will only collect your email address for the purpose of notifying the progress of building the SaaS product.

We will only collect what we believe is best to make our service ideal for you. You’ll know we have this information because either a.) you will give it to us directly, or b.) you’ll expressly authorise someone else to give it to us.

We also passively gather basic web-browsing data, that is used to provide us with aggregate reporting about where our visitors are coming from, what platforms they’re using, and how we can better serve KeepSpace SaaS. This information is an IP address, ISP, internet browser, and certain system settings that are generally made available to any website you visit.

In general, if we are collecting data, it is so we can use that data in some way to improve the delivery of KeepSpace SaaS to you.

Sharing Information

We aren’t here to make money from your personal information. If we share any information about you with third parties, it is solely to allow KeepSpace SaaS to work, as otherwise required by law, or in the case of exigent circumstances, in our best judgment as to the right call.

Exigent circumstances include potential threats to human life, public health or safety, danger to physical property, or other unforeseen circumstances.

We may come to rely on other companies to deliver parts of KeepSpace SaaS’s services — mainly from web storage and services (where your information may be stored in or passed through another web service).

We will not permit other companies to use any information inappropriately and where feasible or required, your data will be encrypted.

If we sell KeepSpace SaaS or merge with another company, or if we go bankrupt, that transaction generally involves the sale of customer information. Under those circumstances, the acquirer of KeepSpace SaaS will be bound by these Principles.

If, for whatever reason we would share information about you with third parties in a way that we do not wish that is covered by this Principle, we will notify you in advance and give you a reasonable opportunity to say no.

No Unfair Surprises

All of the rules for using KeepSpace SaaS are posted on our website. These Principles and our Terms of Use are meant to be clear — and when in doubt, ask us. Your use of KeepSpace SaaS will be governed by these Principles and our Terms.

You may have the ability to post links to other sites on KeepSpace SaaS. You may not use KeepSpace SaaS as part of any attempt to market or membership for other websites without our express consent, which we can withhold for any reason (or no reason at all).

By using KeepSpace SaaS, you agree that we can send you important notices by email and by posting them to our site and that if there is a legal requirement that something be given to you in writing, our electronic communication (be it on our site or via email) meets that requirement.