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Starting the walk - Development Update #1

Working with eCommerce businesses has been the CORE foundation of KeepSpace services since our inception in 2016. Helping countless people achieve growth by automating their online order fulfillment in our various 3PL warehouses around the world. We cherish the authority that our users have entrusted us with over their operations. Needless to say: Efficiency was a difficult hurdle to optimize in the early years. We had to develop custom tools that simply DID NOT exist in the market to improve our capacity to meet growing expectations. For 7 years we built the ship as we sailed across unknown waters- constantly developing and refining our software to fulfill the high standards of a blooming industry.

Through all the R&D, the grind, the refinement- several businesses have asked us to share our software with them. We told them that it wasn’t ready, that it still had some growing pains to iron out and improve on- but that was back in 2020. We realize that the only path forward now is to share it with you all and see how it fares in other people’s hands. We humbly request for a collective effort to share feedback on what we can add, improve, remove- whatever it may be- ensure that our software is the best it can be and stays that way!

We’re extending our transparency and support in this expansive journey. Expect monthly updates on what we’re working on and what’s coming in the coming builds of our software. It’s been nearly a decade; we’re irrevocably excited to finally unveil the tools that keeps our warehouses running as efficiently and reliably as they do today!

Version 1.0 planned features

  • Automatically pull your Shopify store’s orders into the platform.
  • Unlimited shop access.
  • Print Australia Post shipping labels from the platform.
  • Print StarTrack shipping labels from the platform.
  • Input your order’s tracking number for your customer to track.
  • Product and inventory view.
  • Manage stock for multiple warehouse locations.
  • Currency view in AUD and USD.

Future additions [patch 1.1?]

  • Automatically pull your Woocommerce orders into the platform.
  • Integrate with your eParcel account to print labels and ship with your rates.
  • Integrate with your StarTrack account to print labels and ship with your rates.
  • Generate product barcodes with an automated layout.
  • Create product batches that link with your online store front end.
  • Warehouse mapping.
  • Route releasing.
  • Inbounding support application.
  • Picking application.